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Battleborn in next generatior FPS shooter. In that game you can experience extreme fights with many characters from cyborgs to samurais. You can play 25 characters. Every character is completely different. Heroes have own powers , personality and they’re equipped with special unique guns. In Battleborn you can play story mode too. Experience missions and quests solo or in cooperation mode with your friends with scpliscreen or online mode ! In multiplayer mode you can fight against other heroes in 5vs5 matches with many special modes. When you won , you can spend all experience points to upgrade your heroes from weak fighter to killing machine ! 

Battleborn RG Mechanics  Features:

  • Single / Coop Story Mode

Experience many missions and quests in Story Mode playing solo or with friends !

  • Multiplayer Mode

Defeat other players with special guns and abilities in hardcore 5vs5 matches. Gain XP points , upgrade your heroes and win matches in many multiplayer modes like Incursion or Capture.

  • Expierience points

You can earn Expierience points through playing multiplayer modes or Battleborn Story mode.  Spend them later for upgrading your heroes from weak 1 level to highest 10 expert level.

  • Factions

Play Battleborn with many factions like : Last Star , Peacekeepers , Elgrid , Rogues and Jennerit Empire. Every fractions have special bonuses and skins so choose wisely !

  • Heroes Upgrade System:

Battleborn lets you upgrade your heroes with special guns and skills for gained XP points. You can earn them by winning multiplayer matches or completing Story Mode missions.

Battleborn RG Mechanics Trailer

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How to Play Battleborn Full Cracked Game ?

1. Unpack the Game
2. Mount or Burn ISO image
3. Install Game
4. Copy Crack from the R.G Mechanics Crack folder into Game installation directory.
5. Run the game with admin rights
6. Enjoy the Game !

How to Use Battleborn Crack ?

1. Download Crack
2. Copy the crack into Battleborn Installation Directory.
3. Use Battleborn_Cracked.exe provided by R.G Mechanics Game to play, NOT Battleborn.exe or any other exe
4. Enjoy the Game !

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