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Battlefield 1 – Will take players to many battlefields in first world war times. There are no space for new advanced technologies, modified weapons and deadly vehicles. Every player must fight for his live using old army vehicles and simple weapons without laser sight or dot collimator. Experience a lot of maps in all huge world. Fight with your soldiers for glory in the biggest cities like Paris in France or in wild Deserts. In new you can play together in 1 map up to 64 players. The same as the previous parts, players can select from many classes: from sniper equipped with a deadly rifle to vehicle mechanic. Every class have own, unique perks and abilities.

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Players can fight in maps using variety of vehicles like: big heavy armored tanks or light armored, but very fast jeeps with machine gun. In Battlefield 1 players can also play in new multiplayed mode called Operations. The Operations contain a mix of few maps in which players must complete various objectives. Players can select one from six countries like: USA or Germany and fight for them. If you don’t want to play with players from all the world, you can always play Single player campaing. Enjoy developed missions with many various objectives and fight for glory. Single player mode can be also a great training before you face real players in battlefields.


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