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Stellaris is a real time galaxy strategy game. The Game let you experience a huge galaxy full of planets. Your main objectives are survive , defeat or alliance other players and explore endless space for materials . You can’t fly in galaxy without any objectives you must choose best tactic for staying alive. Discover new planets , travel through new planet systems , interact with others and learn how to play most efficiently. When you encounter new planets you can own them and colonize. If planets are inhabited you can choose  war against alien race or alliance with them. In early game you should concentrate about basic things like exploration and your mother planet. Later your objective should be some alliances – staying alive in space alone is impossible. Friendly players can help you in wars or with missing materials. Materials are very important thing because without them you can’t travel or build new ships or bases.

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– Developed galaxy exploration

– Up to 32 players multiplayer mode

– Amazing Graphic and Sound

– A lot of planets that you can destroy or colonize

– Infinite races that you can personalize yourself

– Huge amount of customizations for Spaceships

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